Sunday, December 12, 2010


Emmaus Children: The Ballad of Julian Assange (2010)

I heard the news just yesterday that they've taken you away
to be extradited to the USA
They say that it's to Sweden that they're gonna take you first
but the Yankees are pressing hard - for revenge is what they thirst

They persecute your website and they kill your funding too
There simply isn't anything they'd hesitate to do
They've used bullets, napalm, bombers to get rid of who they hate
and they're willing to use all these things to seal up your fate

They'll be doing all they can to lock truth up in jail
but what their efforts will come down to is one big epic fail

They claim that you're a rapist but we all know it's not true
Instead the cause for all this is what you and others do
to spread the word 'bout nasty deals, to spill their beans big time
to tear the veil of secrecy that's covering up their crime

If you lived in China we all know what that would mean
you would get a Nobel prize and your own limousine
and lots of good publicity for doing the right thing
but you've taken on Amerikkka - and that's the biggest sin

They say that you're a menace to society for delivering them a blow
revealing what the ruling class don't want us to know

These Huckabees and Palins they all wish that you were dead
but even if they succeeded in cutting off your head
they couldn't turn the tide, their system's cracking at the seams
you can always kill a man but you can never kill our dreams

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